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Hi, I'm Anna 👋

I have worked in B2B marketing since 2018 and I specialize in Tech/SaaS, eCommerce, and other subscription and repurchase based funnels. Let's connect on LinkedIn!

I've grown sick of uninspired, boring, and — let's be honest — often dodgy marketing practices. My vision is that if we share best practices and help each other do things better, we will make B2B marketing sexy again.

More importantly, with the free, accessible resource Ungate is, we will re-invent the B2B buyer experience that makes the customer journey actually enjoyable. 

Are you in?

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Who is Ungate for?

Ungate is a monthly newsletter packed with tried and tested B2B marketing tips and even full-grown campaign plans. Not a marketer? No problem: read on to see what you might like about this resource!

It's a newsletter worth saving in your inbox. 

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B2B marketing innovators

Who want to run inspired, creative, and successful B2B demand and lead gen campaigns. Marketers who are tired of bad marketing. 

Tech/SaaS startup founders

Who are looking to build a marketing function that accelerates growth and scales with the business but don't know how to start hiring.

Marketing team leads

People and project managers who's top-priority is continuous improvement: always doing things better and uplifting people around them. 

Other friends of marketing

Sales, customer success, and product leaders who work closely with marketing and understand how important team alignment is for success.

Donations are welcome ☕

Ungate is free but... 

Ungate is a free marketing resource but if you wanted to help me pay for the tech stack involved, I'd love for you to contribute the price of a coffee — or whatever you feel is reasonable.