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Collaborations? Yes, please!

I'd love to work with you on some blog articles, templates, or even webinars. Shoot me a message so we can get plannin'!

Tell me everything...

Let's collaborate

Let's create an epic B2B marketing hub! 💕

Picture this: a vibrant, practical resource for B2B marketers, where inspiration flows freely, and knowledge is shared openly. At Ungate, we don't believe in content gates, secret-keeping, or holding back. I'm eager to learn from You, and I know fellow B2B marketers are too.

If you're passionate about elevating B2B marketing, and you're ready to contribute to a community that values openness, welcome to your new home at Ungate!"


Who should contribute?

Are you a seasoned B2B marketer with tricks up your sleeve? A tech or SaaS founder bursting with knowledge? Or maybe you're in sales, customer success, or product, eager to spotlight the interconnected world of B2B? If yes, we want your insights!

B2B marketers

Tech/SaaS founders

Other B2B professionals

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Why help grow Ungate?

Ungate is not your typical platform. It's a community fueled by passion, not profit. I can't promise fame or fortune, but I can invite you to be part of a movement to revitalize B2B marketing. Your contributions will be celebrated, shared, and cherished.

What's in it for You, you might ask?

🚀 Spotlight in the monthly newsletter:

Your insights will take center stage in the monthly newsletter, reaching a tiny but highly-engaged community of avid B2B marketers hungry for groundbreaking ideas and strategies.

📣 All the shoutouts you can imagine

Look, it's hard to create all Ungate's content on my own, so you best believe that if you get involved, I will shout about your efforts. My LinkedIn will know your name and I will ensure to deliver your insights to as many of our peers as I can.

📈 Insights and feedback from our engaged audience:

Dive into a pool of valuable insights and feedback from the audience that engages with your content. Gain fresh perspectives to fuel your B2B marketing journey.

🔗 Cheeky links and whatnot

I will happily link to your website, LinkedIn, share your contact details if you'd like but don't get too excited: Ungate's tiny. 😅 Nevertheless, I want to make sure you get as much out of your contribution as possible. 

👥 Networking and connection opportunities:

I love to introduce like-minded individuals, fostering connections that extend beyond the digital realm. I would do this regardless, but hey! Wouldn't it be awesome if we partnered up?

👊 Your ideas, your content
You hold the reins — repurpose and promote your valuable insights as you see fit. Add it to your portfolio, include it with job applications, print it and pop it on your fridge. 

There's only one rule: no gatekeeping

Share it all or none — successes, failures, budgets, the good, the bad, the ugly. 

If you don't feel comfortable with others bringing a version of your ideas into their own growth toolkit, I completely understand, and I'm sure your contribution will be invaluable on another platform.

Let's break the gates around B2B marketing and lift each other up.

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You might also want to know...

Still got questions? Read this section or reach out to me anytime. Let's make B2B marketing thrilling together!

Can I use AI to help with my contribution?

Absolutely! Feel free to leverage AI as your sidekick — I do too —, but keep it real and authentic. Your content should be as unique and helpful as the insights you share over a coffee chat.

Do I get paid to contribute my thoughts?

Nope. Sorry, I'm broke! 😅 I can't offer any monetary compensation for contributing to Ungate but there are some benefits that I listed above. If you have another idea about how I could sweeten the deal for you, please let me know.

I don't think I can contribute an article or other collab content. Can I help in another way?

You are so awesome for asking! 🦄 Yes! If you could spread the word about Ungate, that'd be super cool! You can do this by sharing a blog article with your network, sending people to the newsletter subscription page, or forwarding an email update to someone who might appreciate it.

If you're feeling particularly generous, you can also donate some digital change here so I can keep paying for the tech involved in Ungate. 

Do you share your contact database with contributors?

No. Firstly, I try to keep as much of the content completely ungated as possible, so my contact database is very small. Secondly, I don't want to get into GDPR trouble.

However, if a contact explicitly consents to their details being shared or for an intro to the contributor, I will make that happen. 

What sort of content can I contribute?

I'm very open to suggestions! I imagine blog articles, marketing-related templates, maybe videos are the easiest to produce. But if you're up for video content or webinars, I'm all in too.

I'd love to hear your ideas about what sort of collaboration you'd like to do.