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Unleashing the Unicorn: The story behind Ungate

the Ungate story

In a world where the B2B marketing landscape often felt uninspiring and predictable, I found myself on a quest for something more.

My journey through various roles in the industry exposed me to an environment where creativity was sometimes stifled, and where some campaigns followed predictable patterns. This frustration led to the birth of Ungate, a beacon of hope for B2B marketers who, like me, yearned for more innovation and excellence in their craft.



The spark of inspiration

As the brain — or perhaps more the heart — behind Ungate, my journey commenced in the dynamic world of B2B marketing, a realm that inspired me but sometimes left me with questions. During my previous role, I often witnessed potential go untapped, and opportunities for groundbreaking campaigns missed, with some conventional approaches reigning supreme. I'm grateful because this experience sparked the idea behind Ungate.

Ungate was conceived as a response to some of these challenges. It was born out of the belief that B2B marketing, often seen as predictable and repetitive, could be so much more. So join me on my mission to inject excitement and innovation back into the world of B2B marketing.



Why Ungate?

💡 The name

The name "Ungate" came to me at 2 a.m. mid-REM — as most ideas do. And I’m so pleased with it because it represents three areas I’m committed to.

Ungating: In the era of modern marketing, the act of "gating" content by requiring users to provide their information for access is being reimagined. I’m all about "ungating" content, believing that high-quality content goes further than capturing an email address. Generate demand, and revenue will follow.

No gatekeeping: I believe in sharing knowledge and helping each other come up with new ideas that make our jobs more enjoyable — while also leading the buyers through positively memorable customer journeys.

Accessibility & Inclusion: Lastly, the name reflects my commitment to raising awareness about the challenges faced by professionals with disabilities — like sight loss. It's a call to "ungate", to open access to opportunities that are currently restricted. I encounter disparities in my personal and professional life daily, and it's time for me to speak out and make a difference.


🦄 The logo

Now, about that unicorn in the logo. I mean… UNgate… UNicorn… duh!

We often call successful tech giants or even professionals "unicorns" to capture their "magical" attributes.

I've even been mistakenly called a unicorn a few times. It makes me giggle because I don't know how to react. I don’t have sparkling hooves or rainbow hair — although sometimes a pimple between my eyebrows might give me hope of growing a twisty horn.

What I do have is an insatiable passion for marketing. I firmly believe that with the right enthusiasm and dedication, anyone can be a "unicorn" in their own right. And I wish everyone would give it a try.

Most importantly, the unicorn logo is a statement against the dull and predictable B2B marketing landscape. It's there to stir things up and challenge my peers who might mistake boring for professionalism.


⚡ The unique edge

It's a personal thing for me. No profit motives, no monetary gains, just passion. My mission? To make B2B marketing exciting again. So, there's no room for compromising the content for the sake of money. This is about my love for marketing — and I hope yours.



Who is Ungate for?

Ungate's resources are designed for professionals who share my passion for revitalizing B2B marketing. This includes aspiring innovators, tech/SaaS startup founders, marketing leaders, and friends of marketing (sales, customer success, and product leaders who understand the importance of alignment).



What to expect

I'm starting with a simple recipe: a monthly newsletter and a blog. But here's the exciting part: this is just the beginning of my adventure. As I grow, I'm cooking up more goodies for you. Think marketing-related templates, some cool videos, and insights from my creative buddies in my network.

My golden rule is no gatekeeping and no strings attached. I promise to spill the beans on everything from campaign secrets to setup plans, results, and all the lessons I've learned. It's all about leading by example to encourage contributors to openly share their knowledge too.

Vision for the future

My vision for Ungate? Well, we're just getting started. Right now, it's a simple combo of a monthly newsletter and a blog. But my big dream is to reignite the spark in B2B marketing, to make it sexy again. The journey's compass is your feedback and needs. So, I'm all ears.

I've been reaching out to my network, and you know what? They're as stoked about Ungate as I am. Experienced marketers are jumping on board, sharing the vision of a revamped B2B marketing scene. We're all in on the sharing knowledge, no gates barred.



🚀 What you need to do next

Wanna dive into Ungate's goodies? The Ungate Blog is growing week on week and it’s all open — no need for a secret handshake. You won't find a paywall here because, hey, we're all friends. (But if you're feeling extra generous and want to throw a few coins in the tip jar, well, I won't say no.)

While I'd recommend getting in on the newsletter for the freshest ideas, I won’t hold it against you if you don’t trust another stranger on the internet with your email address.



It’s a wrap

So, as we wrap up, here's my simple message: You don't always have to pull off mind-blowing marketing stunts. But dreaming big is a-okay. The best thing we can do is try. Ungate is your invitation to join the fun. Let's make it exciting for us marketers and the ICPs we're marketing to. Together, we can all be the unicorns we're meant to be, making B2B marketing a thrill ride where excellence knows no bounds.


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